Steps To

Franchise Ownership


A simple process for our ice cream franchise owners

Are you ready? Let's take the first step of you becoming the proud owner of a Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream franchise! We'd love the opportunity to get to know you and introduce you to the Sub Zero family. We have made the process of getting you to your grand opening as simple as possible. We've put together this 10-step process for you to follow. We also realize that every prospective owner is different and may prefer to move faster or slower depending on your circumstance. That's why we've made our steps comfortable for each owner and you can move as fast or as slow as necessary.


Our first priority is making sure you are fully prepared and understand the process right out of the gate so you can impress each and every guest with our incredible ice cream once you are ready to open your doors.‚Äč

Step 1



Do you have a love of ice cream, are you a naturally hospitable person with the desire to serve people, and do you have a passion to build a business for your future? Wonderful. That's exactly what SubZero is looking for. Please feel free to browse through our website, look around at our brand, our mission, and what our franchise opportunity has to offer. Now it's time to get started? Visit our                    section and provide us with your contact information - an experience franchise development representative at our corporate office will get in contact with you to discuss your interest.

Step 2

"Get to know you" phone call


During this call, Sub Zero will determine if you're a good fit for us and you can decide if we're a great fit for you. This call is designed to understand your level of interest in the SubZero Nitrogen Ice Cream franchise. We'll answer any questions you have and help you better understand expectations of this endeavor. Questions like - how fast do you want to get going? How do you plan to finance this venture? We'll also go over the most important things you should understand when making this decision. These questions and many others will be discussed during our call.

Step 3

validation/due diligence call


Following this first call, and after you've had some time to review the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) that we sent you after the first call. We'll follow up with you about our processes and procedures, then we will pull back the curtain and let you take a peek-behind-the-scenes about what makes SubZero so great. Such as who our national vendor partners are, what makes us like no other frozen dessert company around,  and much, much more.

Step 4

Development Territory determination


During this conference call, you'll meet George Patlan, our VP of Business Development. He'll match your desired territory with our analytics to determine if the area supports a viable location(s). Please feel free to visit our Available Territories page to learn more about what areas are currently open.

Step 5

executive call - Meet the founders


During your 1-hour Executive Call you will be able to personally meet the founders of SubZero Nitrogen Ice Cream, Jerry and Naomi Hancock. You'll be able to ask them any questions you may have, hear their insights of what it takes to become a successful franchisee, and discuss with them your plans for the future.

Step 6

discovery day - meet the team


What has affectionately become known as Discovery Day, you'll fly in to meet members of the corporate leadership team and the corporate support staff from each department. They'll discuss all aspects of operations, marketing, training, etc. And most importantly, you'll get to meet actual SubZero franchisees and be able to hear and discuss first hand what makes them successful.

Step 7

execute franchise agreement


It's time to execute the SubZero Nitrogen Ice Cream franchise agreement! You'll also pay any fees and schedule a meeting with our real estate planning and development team. Welcome to the SubZero Nitrogen Ice Cream Family!

Step 8

site selection & build out


Now all the fun starts! Along with the SubZero real estate planning and development team, our Commercial Real Estate Broker, Corporate Architect, and Construction build-out team will walk you through every phase of the real estate process, from finding the location, negotiating the lease, creating timelines for construction build-out, to purchasing all the equipment for your new store. Making sure you are adequately supplied for Opening Day!

Step 9



The training process is in two-steps: a corporate training and a training at your own store. These phases consist of Online training, Corporate Headquarters/SubZero Ice Cream in-store training, and a "Soft-Opening" at your store. We'll make sure you, and your management team, are more than ready to impress your guests during your Grand Opening.

Step 10

Congratulations! you're open for business!


The day has arrived! After all your hard work, dedication, and preparation, the day has finally arrived. First a soft-opening for your friends, neighbors, church or community affiliations. Next, Your GRAND OPENING! Our corporate trainer will be with you all along the way to make sure everything goes smoothly so you can feel confident in your new venture. Most of all, we want to be there to celebrate the start of your exciting new journey as a member of the Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream family!