Humble Family-Owned Shop to a Quickly Growing Nationwide Brand

Since 2004, SubZero Nitrogen Ice Cream has built a name for itself by offering an experience like no other in the ice cream business. Add to the experience SubZero uses the best and highest-quality of ingredients that inspire customers and franchisees alike. From our humble beginning in the little town of Orem, Utah, SubZero has grown into an award-winning, nation-wide favorite with more than 60 locations across the country.


We're looking for Quick Service Restaurant franchise partners who will bring their passion and drive for profitability to join our family of hospitable ice cream loving business owners. We provide everything you need to be successful, while you focus on what's made Sub Zero famous, inspiring customer with our delicious ice cream. Join us in our mission:

To share in our join of creating smiles - one ice cream sensation at a time.


Reasons to franchise

recipe for ownership

We're seeking candidates with a dedication to operational excellence, a passion for the community, and a love of ice cream.​

  • An understanding of brand-building within the community and a drive for local store marketing.

  • A demonstrated ability to build a high-performing team dedicated to operational excellence and guest satisfaction.

  • The desire and financial resources to develop or purchase one or more locations

  • Verifiable Liquid assets of $100,000
  • Total net worth of $200,000
  • Minimum down payment of 10% of purchase price
  • Verifiable liquid assets of 30% of total selling price plus costs for remodels due in the next 24 months
Ideally, franchisees should possess:

Requirements for new Store Development 

Requirements for buying an existing location

Freeze! Do you have what it takes to open the next subzero?

Strategy & Identity

We provide a community of franchisees, people with common goals and aspirations, who all want to build the brand. We discuss ideas, come together for promotions, and help one another succeed. We can guide you through the hard parts because we’ve been there. Here, you’re never alone.


Web / App support

It’s the part of business ownership that everyone dreads, but we’ve got you covered. Feel confident that your website and app run autonomously, but your voice will still be heard when you think something should change. 


Marketing & promotion

Have a say in marketing and promotions without the grunt work of creating ads or ideas yourself. You gain access to an in-house content writer, social media experts, and other features we have. 


Animation & Film

It’s those fancy professional touches that bring a business to the forefront. Though most small businesses can’t afford them, you get access to it because you’re part of a community that works together. 



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nutritionally inclusive

Regardless of a person's health or lifestyle, Sub Zero has them covered. We have vegan, lactose free, gluten free, & sugar free options!​

Personal & Customized

Freedom of choice & our distinctive system allow for millions of unique combinations. ​

Flexible processes for opportunity

Dessert making is now a performance. Create an enviable display for catering opportunities and take “memorable” to a whole new level. Reach new customers and increase visibility to your store through in-school science experiments.​

Fresh + Best Tasting

It all starts with liquid nitrogen. At -321 degrees, we flash freeze our uniquely dense & creamy cold treats right before your eyes. ​

interested in franchising with subZERO?